Ten years imaging experience/ Strong technical team/ Help to pinpoint potential security problems of various devices easily

Outsourcing is focusing on doing what you are good at , and assigning other work to professional organizations. Ulirvision has years experience in R&D, manufacture and providing services of non-visible light imaging, and we are a professional company that you can rest assured. We provide three kinds of alternative inspection services namely gas imaging inspection, UV imaging inspection and thermal imaging inspection.

Advantages of Alternative Inspection
1) Fully implement of the periodic inspection plan
2) Professional alternative inspection engineer finds problems more accurately
3) Make up for client’s lack of manpower
4) Improve client’s technical level
5) Make time for client to focus on their core issue

Inspection Contents
1) TI320+ thermal imaging camera detects the air leakage and pinpoints the location.
2) Corona camera detects the insulation defect
3) Thermal imaging camera detects the heat defect.

Inspection Equipments
1)TI320+ thermal imaging camera for gas detection
2)TD90 corona camera
3)TI384 thermal imaging camera

Service Procedures
1) The client proposes the alternative inspection requirement
2) Ulirvision provides a detailed inspection scheme
3) Ulirvision offers a quotation to the client
4) Ulirvision and client sign the alternative inspection service contract
5) Ulirvision implements the alternative inspection service contract
6) Ulirvision and client follow up the inspection result
7) Ulirvision and client confirm the re-inspection if necessary.

Service Standard
1) Send engineers to a designated place to take the detection.
2) Analyse the test result and make a report
3) Install the software free of charge

Charge Standard
1) According to the inspection content
2) According to the workload
3) According to the geographical location of the inspection place
4) According to the transportation convenience of the inspection place

Inspection Cases
1) TI320+ thermal imaging camera for gas detection
2) Corona camera
3) Thermal imaging camera

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