Building Industry


Application in Building Industry

As a predictive maintenance and diagnostic tool, thermal imaging camera is an economic one without any destroys to the building. Thermal defects such as lack of thermal insulation material, thermal bridges, air leakage and moisture all that lead to the wall temperature changes can be detected by our thermal imaging camera, thus preventing the potential hazards, these include the following situations:

1. Insulating layer defects or lack

2. Air leakage caused by sealing performance degradation
Poor sealing will cause leakage, and the air will go through the cracks which will lead to regional temperature decreasing, energy consumption increasing and dust setting .This leakage is difficult to find without a thermal imaging camera.

3. Leakages
Once the water penetrates into the building structure, it will cause serious consequence, range from increased energy consumption to building mildew which will not only destroy the building structure itself but also the goods put in the building.

4. Exterior Hollowing

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