Zhejiang ULIRvision Technology Co., LTD. (ULIRvision) is one of leading manufacturers of innovative thermal imaging systems including thermal imaging cameras, thermal night vision cameras, corona cameras and infrared lenses. We are specialized in research, development, production and marketing of thermal imaging and UV imaging where we are playing a significant role in a wide range of industrial & commercial activities coving predictive and preventive maintenance, condition monitoring,non-destructive testing, research & development, temperature measurement and thermal testing.

ULIRvision has been supplying thermal imaging cameras, thermal night vision cameras, gas thermal imaging cameras, thermal imaging cores and corona cameras to building, electricity, manufacture, science, medical care, firefighting, night vision, security, etc. ULIRvision provides the widest selection of thermal imaging camera series and corona camera series for our new and old customers around the world.

ULIRvision products have been achieved international safe standard approvals and have been exported worldwide.
With mutual-benefit principle, advanced thermal imaging technology, high-quality products, competitive prices and after-sales service & support, ULIRvision are constantly looking for more opportunities to build new business relationships with companies from around the world.

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