Are you interested in becoming a distributor of ULIRVISION Technology Co.,Ltd ? Opportunities are available globally. Now ULIRVISION overseas market department wishes to expand its global market together with interested distributor around the world and pave the way for world-renowned brand.

Distributor Requirements: Be interested in infrared thermal imaging product and have extensive experience of marketing. Strong connection with all walks of life is preferred. Can spread our products to various market.Be able to expand our band and create customer brand loyalty.Have a stable and seasonal order.

Support given by us: the most favorable price policy and catalogues.

ULIRVISION owns great number of R&D stuff to keep on product innovation and improvement.Its goal is to produce superior quality thermal imaging product and deliver real benefits to our customer.

We are warmly waiting for your joining and expect to create a win-win situation.As we all know, infrared thermal imaging has great potential market for lots of people hasn’t realized its role in prevent and predicting accidents. Your great push in advertising this kind of product in grid,forest,petrochemical etc field definitely gonna take you a new level of business. We would like to provide our best support,service,technical solutions to promote your excellent sale channels, so that we have a win-win cooperation.

Please fill out the form below and your information will be reviewed and our stuff will get in touch with you as soon as possible.(If you need any information on becoming a distributor or finding a distributor in your area. Call us +86 (0)571 8720 9879, or email us

Distributor Application Form
If you are interested in buying ULIRVISION products for resale, Pleas fill out the following fields to begin the process of becoming a distributor. Please fill out all fields or we cannot process your request if needed information is absent. Thank you for inquiring about ULIRVISION!


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